Dec 15 2008


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Years ago, I quit a techie job because it gave me easy access to porn, and because most of the folks I worked with at the time were pretty deeply hooked on it themselves. They’d pass around files or access codes that they had found… send images… etc.

I’m glad that I got away from all that… but recently, I took a temporary job that kinda threw me into an environment where I’d have access to stuff like that again and be working with folks who had a similar mindset.

I’m glad to be able to report that I made it through the job, and despite being in a few interesting situations and working with some folks who had issues of their own, the worst thing I did was use a qausi-curse word. (Not that I’m endorsing profanity, but I am from New York City so there was a time when I made frequent use of an extensive collection of four-letter words!)

I was relieved that there wasn’t as much blatant stuff as I was expecting on this job. That helped. But it also helped that I went in with a plan to keep myself from falling:

1. I used my 1-hour commute to spend time with God. That helped me get in the right mindset for the day ahead. It’s hard to do something wrong when you’ve got a worship song stuck in your head!

2. I knew that there would be other techs on this job, so I knew that I could pass up the users where there would obviously be problems and let the other techs handle those folks. 

3. If I was accidentally exposed to something, I would just get it off the screen as quickly as possible.

4. Whenever possible, I wouldn’t work alone.  

5. I would work as quickly as possible and stay busy even if I didn’t have to be.

Things weren’t as difficult or tempting as they could have been — and I’m grateful for that — but I certainly could have gotten into some bad stuff if I had wanted to… so I’m also grateful that I passed the test in that sense.

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