Jan 02 2009

The Shack

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If you haven’t read the book The Shack by Paul Young… it’s definitely worth the read. Here’s a video of the author’s testimony — he talks about his own struggles with sexual abuse and addiction. I’m re-reading the book now.

If you haven’t read the book, I won’t give away too much — but I will tell you that I had a very difficult time with it the first time I read it. It’s a fictional story. The author describes it as a parable. The main character has to come to a place where he faces an extremely painful situation from his past before he really meets God… but once he does meet God, it’s a close, intensely personal relationship… and despite my initial  questions about the author’s theology, I couldn’t help but find myself longing for that same kind of relationship with God… and wondering if that part of the book was nothing more than fiction too.

The idea that I could have such a close relationship with God was so appealing… but the thought I’d have to face the pain of my past in order to get there was absolutely terrifying.

The Shack was just one of the first things that God used to kinda nudge me towards a deeper relationship with Him. God used many other things and a few very special people to finally bring me to the place where I could face the pain and let someone else see my wounds.

There was a reason why I had to face the pain before I could begin to know God this way… and it wasn’t that God was withholding Himself from me as punishment for *not* dealing with it. In fact, quite the opposite was true! I was withholding myself from Him. I needed to be real with Him. My life was broken up into fragments, and I wanted to pick and choose the fragments that I’d share with God. But He wanted it all. He wanted me to face the failures and pain up-close-and-personal with my eyes open… not to shame me, but to show me that He loved me anyway, and show me the way to healing and wholeness.

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